1:12th Scale GT12 RC racing

Club rules

To ensure we can encourage close racing there will be a series of rules relating to both the cars and how we race which the Bedfordshire Radio Controlled Model Car Club wish to uphold. We are very aware that we want everyone to enjoy race meetings and that costs can spiral out of control if not carefully managed. Therefore our rules, especially those relating to the construction of the RC cars, are aimed to make racing cost effective for everyone from beginners to those with many years of racing experience.

Our general club rules

  • For guests who have never raced with us before, their first race meeting is always FREE
  • Guests can then only race for 3 additional meetings before having to join the Club and provide proof that they have a valid BRCA membership
  • Week night race fees for Club Members is £5 and for guests it is £7, race fees for other events held on weekends will vary and will be published in advance of any event being held
  • The first time you race at the club we request that you book in online so your details are automatically added to the computer before you arrive, please notify a committee member if you intend racing but know that you will be late to ensure you are listed into the heats in advance
  • There is a strict no smoking policy at Bromham Village Hall, if you wish to smoke, please do so at the designated area outside the building and dispose of cigarettes in bins provided. The use of E-Cigarettes or any other electronic smoking device is banned inside the Village Hall and must be used at the designated area outside the building
  • Members will be required to sign in on time at the beginning of race meetings so as not to hold up the racing
  • Members under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian
  • If a member has a complaint to raise please speak directly with a committee member or send the complaint in writing by email to chairman@bedsrcmcc.com or letter to be handed to a committee member. Ideally the complaint should be raised on the night so that the Chairman or race director can deal with the matter immediately if applicable
  • Members who voice a complaint online (without communicating it to the committee as outlined above) via the clubs website or other online sites/forums connected with the club may either be given a limited or permanent ban from the club
  • 12V car batteries used as a source for charging cells must be contained within a sealed box to prevent accidental spillage
  • For everyone’s safety, all LiPo batteries, when being charged inside the Bromham Hall premises, MUST be contained in a LiPo charging sack or box. If you are found to be charging in the hall without a sack you will not be permitted to continue racing that evening
  • In case of LiPo fire, SMOTHER CELLS WITH SAND from the fire buckets provided by the Club and report it to the chairman or a committee member immediately – DO NOT use other extinguishers located in the Hall
  • You are not permitted to race your model cars anywhere outside the Village Hall
  • For insurance purposes and due to the noise issues with local residents, no Nitro RC models are permitted inside or outside the building during a race meeting
  • No other RC vehicle/toy is permitted to be used during a race evening, either inside or outside the Hall facilities unless with the prior consent of the Chairman and the clubs committee.

Don’t forget to take a look at our other rules

Please note that the club’s committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any member, their family or guests if they do not respect our rules. Membership or race fee refunds will not be given to members who are asked to permanently leave the club for failing to follow these rules.


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