1:12th Scale GT12 RC racing

Code of conduct

Racing radio controlled model cars in your back garden or at the local park is great fun. Club racing can also be great fun too, however racing on your own is very different to racing with others on a defined race track. It is with that in mind that the club created the code of conduct that all members and their guests must follow at all times. They have been created to ensure everyone can enjoy a great evening of racing their RC model cars.

The club’s code of conduct

  • Treat everyone how you would like to be treated. Never deliberately upset fellow racers or guests, even if they have made a mistake on track
  • Always listen carefully during pre-race briefings, particularly when issues of safety are raised
  • Always compete within the rules and respect committee members and their decisions
  • Always respect opponents both on and off track and applaud good performances from other racers
  • Never use bad language on the rostrum, in the pits or in front of younger members
  • If you injure yourself, please speak to one of our committee members as the Club has a first-aid kit available at all times
  • If anything happens that you are concerned about, whether it relates to you or to someone else at the Club, please contact a committee member.

Don’t forget to take a look at our other rules

Please note that the club’s committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any member, their family or guests if they do not respect our rules. Membership or race fee refunds will not be given to members who are asked to permanently leave the club for failing to follow these rules.


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