Marshalling Rules

Marshalling Rules

We all love to go RC racing but we often forget that everyone who races also needs to marshal. Just as with racing, marshalling is a skill that takes time to learn and it’s not always as easy as you think, especially when you see the speed of the cars on track! So we’ve put together some useful rules and tips to make you a better marshal.

Marshal rules for our Club

  • Your safety comes first
  • Whatever actions you decide to take, think of yourself first and the car last
  • When marshalling a car DO NOT RUN or  jump onto the carpet (this causes the carpet to become stretched), walk to the scene of the incident safely
  • When crossing the track, try to walk alongside the barriers and not cross the lanes
  • Where you have to cross the lanes make sure you know which direction the cars are coming from!
  • When you reach the scene of the ‘accident’, stand behind the barrier so any on-coming car doesn’t hit you, it hits the barrier first
  • When you replace the car on the track, make sure that the driver can see their car
  • Do not put the car back on the track in a place where the driver cannot see it because it is behind a barrier or (most likely) behind you, the marshal. (it is not your place to make sure there are no cars coming, it is the drivers responsibility
  • The marshal must not put a car back down on the racing line, but there is no need to hold on to it until the marshal thinks the track is clear
  • Get clear of the track as quickly as possible, even if that means going off on the opposite side and walking round the edge back to your marshal point
  • Anything you can do to minimise crossing the ‘lanes’ in getting to a car, or away from it, is to be recommended.

At the end of the day you can make marshalling as complicated or as simple as you want!

However the three golden rules for every RC marshal are

  • RULE 1 – Your safety comes first
  • RULE 2 – Rescuing the car comes second
  • RULE 3 – When it is difficult to rescue the car, refer to Rule 1!

Don’t forget to take a look at our other rules

Please note that the club’s committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any member, their family or guests if they do not respect our rules. Membership or race fee refunds will not be given to members who are asked to permanently leave the club for failing to follow these rules.

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