1:12th Scale GT12 RC racing

Racing rules

The club have come up with a series of rules for the cars which are based around those set out by the BRCA and also racing rules for our club members and guest RC racers to ensure we can all enjoy a race meeting and to make the club attractive to those who may not have raced before.

Our general racing rules

  • Racing will consist of 3 x 5 minute heats, followed by 1 x 5 minute final. Where time permits the race director may increase the length of the heats and/or finals
  • Damaged cars, be that a wheel missing, or loose body shell must be removed from the race track by a marshal
  • All drivers must be on the rostrum before the start of the race
  • Drivers are requested to use the steps at all times to access/leave the rostrum and not to jump onto the track at the end of a race
  • After a race all drivers must place their car and transmitter in the designated area beside the track (not back in the pits) and head directly to their marshal point. After they have marshalled they can then collect their car and transmitter and return to the pits. The only exception for this will be for a driver who’s car is broken during a race and needs to be repaired to race again
  • All drivers must make themselves available to marshal the race following the one they have raced in, even if their car did not finish or they did not start the race. If you’re unavailable to marshal yourself then you must select a volunteer to marshal on your behalf. If your designated marshal does not marshal on your behalf, you will still receive penalties where applicable
  • If you are fixing a damaged car you must select another driver to marshal on your behalf and notify the race director
  • When necessary you should make yourself available to marshal other races
  • Transmitters operating with a frequency of 27MHz or 40MHz must be switched off in the pits at all times
  • Races will be controlled by an AMB automatic lap counting computer-based system which uses Personal Transponders. We recommend all members to purchase their own Personal Transponder when you join the Club, though a few will be available to hire for those racing for the first time
  • The role of the marshal is to ensure cars remain on the track and to position cars back on the track in the correct direction
  • You can only marshal a race if you are a fully paid up member of the club as a driver or have a family associate membership. Guests and other none members are NOT permitted to marshal cars
  • The marshal is not a mechanic and is not to spend time trying to fix a broken car on the side of the track – however simple fixes such as reconnecting batteries, loose body shells etc. are permitted
  • If a car is damaged beyond repair during a race the marshal must remove it from the track and if possible switch it off
  • Any foul language from either marshals or drivers on the rostrum is not encouraged and if excessive use of foul language is used you will be disqualified from racing and maybe asked to leave the race meeting
  • If you are racing and your car breaks down, you must remain on the rostrum until the end of the race
  • If you crash during a race you MUST take your finger off the throttle, marshals will be instructed not to marshal your car if the wheels are spinning or the car is still moving against the track edging
  • The Club will make available racing numbers which must be used at all times during Club Championships. Only 1 number is required on the car and must be clearly visible either from the front or the rear of the car
  • All race meetings are filmed and videos of the races are posted onto the Club’s YouTube Channel to help promote the Club online and for members to watch back their races
  • The Club photographs Championship winners with their trophies and on occasions other group shots which will be used across the Club’s online sites and other promotional activities. If you would prefer not to have your photo taken, please advise a committee member in advance
  • Pit towels are now mandatory when using tables supplied at the Bromham Village Hall to reduce marking and damage to the tables. If you do not have a pit towel, you will be asked to provide your own table
  • Please ensure your table is cleaned before being packed away at the end of the evening.
  • Continued violation of any club rules will result in the member being banned from racing at the club. Depending on the severity of the offense the member maybe given a verbal or written warning first, however any offense that puts the safety of other members and guests as risk will result in an instant and permanent ban from our Club

Don’t forget to take a look at our other rules

Please note that the club’s committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any member, their family or guests if they do not respect our rules. Membership or race fee refunds will not be given to members who are asked to permanently leave the club for failing to follow these rules.


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