1:12th Scale GT12 RC racing

What we race

There are so many classes and types of radio controlled model cars available that it could be difficult to choose just one. We have tried to make sure that we can cater for many racers new and old who want to race indoors on a weekly basis. With that in mind, we have chosen to focus the clubs activities to on-road racing only with what are probably the most common classes of model RC cars around today, the GT12 class.

The GT12 class allows for more fine tuning of the cars and the more experienced drivers really like this class. However it is still a great introduction to the world of RC racing and the great thing about this class of RC model cars is that you can always be assured of close competitive racing.

Schumacher, Mardave, Zen Racing

The big question about racing GT12 is which manufacturer do I choose? Well there is some great news here as all three of the manufacturers you can choose from are British; Mardave, Schumacher and new to the GT12 scene we have Zen-Racing.

These three manufacturers have a range of chassis available to choose from and we have all the details here for you:

All three companies produce some great cars in themselves but if you want to know which one you prefer then our best advice would be to come along to the club and have a look at what others are racing before buying anything for the first time.


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