Mardave V12 Assassin

Mardave V12 Assassin

Mardave have recently upgraded their chassis since the introduction of competitor cars from Schumacher and Zen-Racing and this is the result, the Mardave V12 Assassin. A whole new design and chassis that brings the car right into the 21 Century and for those looking for the ultimate GT12 car to go racing with.
Mardave V12 Assassin

Kit features

  • New Mardave V12 Assassin GT-12 1 S Lipo With Ride Height Adjuster Pod
  • New wider Carbon fibre chassis
  • New Chassis now with inline & Side mounting capability
  • New Design Alloy Motor Mounts Lighter and lower motor position
  • New Active Castor Carbon Fibre Twin Deck Beam front end, for strengh and camber adjustment
  • New Full ride height adjustment for front beam
  • New Duel servo mounting positions
  • Diff std fitement – Option for Carbon diff Part No AS10C
  • 48 Dp Delrin spur
  • Rear Suspension Adjustable & Twin Friction Damper System. Option Front Damper Kit Part No AS129F
  • CNC Carbon Fibre Brace set
  • High Tensile, Stainless Steel Suspension Pivot Balls
  • High Tensile Countersunk Screw set Used Throughout
  • Trailing front Steering blocks & Axles
  • Super Strong Steering Turnbuckles Included
  • High Spec Flanged Ball Raced Rear Axle Bearings
  • Ballraced Front Wheels, With Ball Race set
  • Instruction Manual & Set Up Booklet
  • New Quick Release Carbon Lipo Retaining System
  • Fully Adjustable Body Mount System. Allowing various Vertical Positions
  • Complete Set of UFRA Tyres Included
  • Optional Spring Tuning set
  • Accepts A Huge Range of Industry Standard Bodyshells, Motors, Batteries, And Speed Controllers.

You will also need additional kit to go racing and if you are new to the hobby of RC racing then we highly recommend that you read our New to RC racing page on our site that gives you lots of information about what to buy and what NOT to buy.

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