Schumacher GT12 Supastox

Schumacher Supastox

One of the most popular chassis that our club members race is the 1:12th scale Schumacher SupaStox. Designed by the world championship winning design team at Schumacher Racing, this car brings top class engineering to the GT12 class of racing.

Schumacher GT12 Supastox

The SupaStox is a high performance racer that uses quality components, but still retains the philosophy of simplicity and low cost. The SupaStox chassis, despite looking very complex to the novice RC racer is actually very simple to build and is tough enough to cope with the inevitable knock it will take during racing. It is also adjustable enough to be perfectly tuned for any track layout we set out on a Friday night.

The kit features

  • CNC Alloy Motor Mounts For Rigidity, Reliability And Cooling
  • CNC Alloy Drive Dog Outputs For Precision And Durability
  • Front Suspension With Camber, Castor And Toe-in/out Adjustment
  • Rear Suspension With Adjustable Roll Stiffness And Damping
  • Adjustable Front and Rear Ride Height
  • Tough CNC S1 Composite Chassis And Brackets
  • CNC High Tensile, Stainless Steel Rear Axle
  • High Tensile, Stainless Steel Suspension Pivots
  • Hign Tensile Steel Hex Screws Used Throughout
  • Kimbrough Servo Saver Included As Standard
  • High Impact Strength Front And Rear Foam Bumpers For Great Chassis Protection
  • Steering Turnbuckles Included As Standard
  • Ball Raced Rear Axle With Rubber Sealed Bearings
  • Simple Bushed Front Wheels, Ready To Accept Optional Ball Races
  • High Quality Easy to Follow Instruction Manual
  • Screw On Spur Gear As Standard
  • Large Range Of Optional 32 and 48dp Spur Gears
  • Quick Release Velcro Battery Retaining System
  • Fully Adjustable Body Mount System.  Allowing Vertical and Horizontal Rear Positions
  • Contact Pre-glued And Trued Foam Tyres Included
  • Full Range Of Optional Colour Coded Springs
  • Accepts A Huge Range Of Industry Standard Bodyshells, Motors, Batteries, And Speed Controllers.

There are two versions of this chassis available, however we recommend the 1s LiPo version (Schumacher Code: K131).

Schumacher GT12 Supastox

You will also need additional kit to go racing and if you are new to the hobby of RC racing then we highly recommend that you read our New to RC racing page on our site that gives you lots of information about what to buy and what NOT to buy.


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